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Office Visits

Why am I required to fill out registration paperwork when I am an established patient?

It is our clinic’s policy to update patient information and demographics annually. If you are an established patient and are filling out paperwork, you are doing so to update your patient record.

I called to speak to my doctor or medical assistant and left a message, but I have not received a call back.

Our medical assistants and doctors are in clinic all day during the day. They check messages periodically throughout the day, and they return calls in the order they were received. Our clinic policy is to return calls between 24 and 48 hours of when they were received.

If it is an emergency you can walk in for an appointment or schedule a same-day appointment. For urgent, life-threatening matters, please call 911.

I arrived at the clinic before another patient, but the other patient was called back before me.

Here at Baymeadows Healthcare, we have multiple providers, including doctors, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners, who are available to see patients any given day. When this happens, it is most likely because the other patient is seeing a different provider. It is also possible that the other patient is here for just lab work or other test that does not require the provider.


My prescription was sent electronically, but my pharmacy has not received it.

When prescriptions are sent electronically there is a delay in the processing. Most prescriptions will arrive at the pharmacy in about an hour, but some can take a little longer, depending on the pharmacy.

What do I do to have my medication refilled?

Medication refills need to be requested by your pharmacy unless it is for a controlled substance such as sleeping pills, pain pills, or anxiety medication. These medications require an office visit in order to be refilled.

Patient Portal

I have signed up for the patient portal, but I have not received my email to setup my account. Why is this?

If you have not received our email to set up your patient portal account, chances are there was an email or system error that needs to be addressed. Please call our office so we can assist you with this.

Lab Work

Baymeadows Healthcare has an in-house lab, so why is my lab work being sent off?

Some insurance companies require lab work to be completed by a particular lab, which means we cannot complete lab work in-house for patients with those insurances. Also, while we have a state-of-the-art lab on-site, there are still certain, more advanced tests we cannot do. For those tests your lab work will be sent to another lab.

I have had some lab work done. When will I receive the results?

Depending on if your lab work was completed in-house or if it had to be sent off, the time for completion of lab work varies. If you have not received notice of your results within 2 weeks, please contact the clinic.