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As a result of the compassionate care we deliver, we develop lasting relationships with our patients. Many times we hear from our patients about how the doctors and staff at Baymeadows Healthcare have helped them. For those of you we hear from, we thank you for passing along your kind words.

Here are some of our favorites:

I am the Editor Publisher for Golden Year’s News; founded in 1992. Seniors are well cared for at Baymeadows Healthcare and staff is equipped to maneuver difficult insurance products. My online access enables me to see my test results as soon as my doctor reviews them, saving me an additional trip.

I have been treated with patience, consideration, and couldn’t be more pleased. They also have state-of-the-art equipment to perform tests onsite, saving me from having to go to many facilities.

Baymeadows Healthcare also sponsors new families and new businesses coming to Jacksonville and provides immediate access to their healthcare needs.

I recommend them without any reservation to anyone seeking medical services in a family-like, caring environment.

Helen Hyatt

I started using Baymeadows Healthcare because I needed a physician that was open after 5:00pm when my work day ended. On my first visit, I was beyond impressed with my experience at this health care center. The offices are clean and the technology is state-of-the-art. The office staff and physicians truly care about my time constraints with my work schedule and health care needs. Although I went to the office because of convenience, the service and attentiveness that they showed me was far superior to my expectations. I would highly recommend this medical group for all of your medical needs!

Deanna Williams
Allstate Insurance Agent

I would like to express how grateful I am, along with all of my clients, to the whole staff at Baymeadows Healthcare. The staff is very organized, respectful, caring, and helpful to all of my clients that I have personally referred to this office. Baymeadows Healthcare is a very clean and very well maintained clinic, and I will keep referring as many of my clients as possible, because I know they will be more than satisfied with the whole staff and the overall cleanliness of the clinic. The administrator will do anything in his power to make sure that it stays this way. Other than the great staff, I would especially like to express gratitude for Dr. Hussain S. Imam and Dr. Talat Imam! I have known Dr. Hussain S. Imam since 1999, working as an RN at Memorial Hospital, and saw how caring, patient, honest, knowledgeable, and professional he was to all of his patients. When I opened up my own Interpreting/Translating business, I had to suggest a primary care doctor to all of my clients since they did not have one. I automatically thought about Dr. Hussain S. Imam and recommended him to all of my clients, and honestly speaking every single client was more than grateful to have him as their primary care doctor. Dr. Hussain S. Imam actually takes his time to fully listen and understand every single one of his patients, answers any question they have, and will make sure they are fully aware of all details before he goes on to his next patient. I have clients who were suffering from very intensive medical issues that have gone to multiple doctors in the past, looking for some type of help unsuccessfully, and their conditions were worsening. Dr. Hussain S. Imam was the first and only doctor that has actually helped them. I now have constant phone calls from people I have never met before that are asking me to help them get Dr. Hussain S. Imam as their primary care doctor. I also have people calling me and actually asking me if I could help them switch to a different type of insurance that Baymeadows Healthcare accepts so they can start going there. Dr. Talat Imam is very professional and caring as well, and will do anything in her power to help her patients. Both doctors have literally saved my daughter's life after a horrible car accident she had back in November 2010, which caused very bad medical conditions, after being in the hospital for 2 months. My daughter said she never could have made it past her mental and physical pain without them, especially Dr. Hussain S. Imam! We are all very thankful for Baymeadows Healthcare!

Jadranka Stankovic

Our family has been patients of Dr. Talat Imam and Dr. Hussain Imam for over fifteen years. We first met Dr. Talat when we moved to the Deerwood-Baymeadows area and were looking for a primary care physician. On meeting Dr. Talat for the first time, it was clear to us that she was a special doctor- a very caring manner, very knowledgeable, very reassuring and we trusted her judgment. In fact, we thought so highly of her that we brought our young children to her rather than their pediatrician. As a young child, our daughter was terrified of anyone outside of immediate family, and taking her to a doctor was a difficult experience. Dr. Talat won her over immediately. Our daughter split her chin open when she was young and was very distraught. Under normal circumstance we would have brought her straight to the ER, but we called Dr. Talat and she was willing to see her immediately. Dr. Talat's kind and gentle manner reassured our daughter, who remained calm when the wound was being cleaned and the stitches being put in. In our experience, prior to seeing a specialist for an unusual problem, Dr. Talat will already have diagnosed the issue. We have often received care from Dr. Hussain Imam, another fine, talented and caring doctor. Finally, we like the fact that we can get into the office when we are sick and not be put off for days.

The Murphy Family